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Sally D. (Foothills)......."I hate having to leave my dogs, and knowing you are caring for them is the one thing that makes it tolerable. They are happy when I return home, and I always really enjoy the dog diaries you leave behind. Thank you so much".
 "Eva, Sunday, Chevelle"
Jenny and Matt K. (Yuma)......."Thanks for everything! You did a great job taking care of our family and I loved all the detailed info and updates."
 "Maggie" X 4
Tiffney and Josh Foster  (Foothills)...... I must start this out with a HUGE thank you to Cyndi and Bob! They were fantastic, and we feel blessed to have found such a wonderful service. You guys did an amazing job with Maggie, and she was as happy as can be when we got home. I knew leaving my home and Maggie was going to be ok from the moment I first met you, because you guys were such good hearted people that I was able to trust that Maggie would be in great hands. You both are filled with a ton of knowledge that is extremely helpful in training Maggie. I have to talk about the folder again….because this is one thing that really stood out. You took the time to cover everything, asked many questions, and then kept this in a folder for me and you. I liked this because it showed you are very organized and professional with your business. You are both filled with tons of doggie love, and I can’t wait to tell all my friends about your service. Thanks again, The Fosters….and Maggie sends hugs!  
                        "Tigger" X 3
Paula G. (Foothills)......  What a great service you provided! thanks Cyndi & Bob, you took the worry away when we left for a couple of weeks this summer. Tigger appreciated your visits and his clean beach house! I loved the journaling you left for us. I could tell that you provided excellent care. He looked so pretty when we got home. I could tell you spend time brushing him. Thanks again and I will highly reccommend your services to ANYONE!
"Mijo, Cleo & "Brutes"
                         "LilLee Belle"
 "GrayCee Lu" and Cyndi
talking to Mom on the phone.
"GrayCee Lu"
 "GrayCee Lu"
Catharine (Foothills)......Piece of mind, that is what Cyndi and Bob give me and my Husband. Our Dog is a rescue dog and she has seperation anxiety. My Husband and I haven't been able to make any plans and leave her at home for about 4 years. We finally were able to go on a little vacation and we could enjoy ourselves knowing that everything was alright and our fur babies were in good hands. We are also very grateful that they really took the time to work with our dog and her anxiety. Our Dog really enjoys their visits.Thank you Cyndi and Bob!
Mary and Clifford (foothills).....You asked us to call you when we got home so you knew we were safe and our dogs would not need you tonight.
Reading your nightly diary is like being here and never leaving.
We both agree how thought-full and thorough you are.
When we opened the door they both ran to greet us.
I realize they probably missed us but it's more than that, They both really appear happy and not stressed out as though   we had deserted them.
"Pork & Beans"
                                                   You both did a great job...........
                                                   Thank you very much.
Kris R. (Yuma-Foothills).....Thanks you so much for taking such good care of Sadie while we were out of town. I liked the narrative that you left on Sadie and your experience with her. I know she struggles when we are separated, she is always so happy to see us return. But when we must be away, it is good to know she is in responsible and capable care such as yours. Thanks!!! Kris
Judy J. (Yuma-Foothills).....Your service is by far the best experience I have ever had. My finicky cat was so happy when I returned, and not mad at me for once. I am happy to recommend you to any pet owner.
Thank you, Judy.                                      
Dianne W (Ontario CANADA)......Wonderful and interesting website - beautiful music, and you have covered all aspects of pet sitting with an abundance of very helpful and useful information. Thank you!
God Bless your precious Reco.
"Cutter, Jett & Hunk"
                                                                                                     "Moose, Bear & Maggie"
Sally L. (Yuma)....For anyone who are like my husband and myself - the parents of multiple 4 - Legged Children you know how difficult it can be to leave home with confidence that they are well cared for and loved. In our cases we have 3 remarkable Golden Retrievers and 3 Larger Equine kids. All of whom have special needs at different times of the day. It was such a Blessing to have found Cyndi and her Right Hand Man Bob to fill the void while we were away from home. I would recommend them to anyone with based on our 100% Satisfaction and Appreciation. Thank You, Sally.
Kent & Kathy O. (Yuma-Foothills)................
Miss Cyndi and our Chi-weenie, Holly Berry, love their time together. It is a mutually beneficial relationship. Miss Cyndi takes Holly out and Holly Berry gives " fur therapy".
Thanks Cyndi, we appreciate you.
                                         Luann and Jim. (Yuma-Foothills)................
I LOVE these guys - and so do our dogs!!! The house was perfect when we got home and our "children" were happy and content. This is soooo a kennel. It's nice to find someone that loves animals as much as we do - and the prices are extremuch better than mely fair - especially for the peace of mind that we felt. Thanks , Cindy and Bob - xoxoxox Luann and Jim.
Mike And Sandy.
Alot of fun meeting u And Bob! Thank you for checking on our baby Tristen today.
Cole & Shilo
Kate & Steve (Foothills).................Ok, I need to give a big thank you to Cyndi who dog sat for the dogs last week. Shilo, our lab has some major issues and one of them is possible throwing up. Well, he did and on Cyndi's watch. She called us to let us know and she cleaned it up which was in the house.
I cannot tell you how bad I felt this happened but she did what needed to be done and more.
I know I've posted about her before but you know when you leave you just want to rest assure your pets are well taken care of.. we knew ours were!
More to come ! 
Thank You All...
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