Cyndi's Dog Sitting - Your pets become our  extended family
What We Can Also Do
I have found that many of my clients feel comfortable enough to ask us to do other routine tasks for them. They call upon us for these tasks not necessarily because they are incapable, but because a situation or circumstance left them no option. Should you find yourself in one of these situations, please feel free to get in touch!

Some additional services provided by my husband, Bob, and myself include:
Vehicle Transportation (CDL, hasmat & tanker endorsements)
$15.00 per hour - plus $.85 per mile.   Three (3) hour minimum.
Winter Visitors, we are here while you are away.
 We do summer watering.
 Small paint projects-gates, etc. Or what have you. Just ask. And More... Satisfaction Quaranteed or....You don't pay!
My rate is the same as for pet sitting. $16.00 per visit  plus mileage outside our 10 mile radius, for the first 45 minutes.
$15.00 per hour charged for additional time.  ( Estimates are free)
Maybe we can BARTER.
If you have any special needs, please be sure to contact us. Chances are we have encountered them in the past and will be familiar with your requirements.
WIND WARNING !  8/31/2011
Just a couple of days ago here in the foothills we had a severe wind storm and several people suffered some damage. One mobile home totally had its roof ripped off. The family of 5 were reported as OK.
This is just one of many concerns you should have when you leave for the summer.
We have added a new service.
Lot Watch / Notification Service
Do you leave for a month or more during the searing heat of our summers?
Do you worry about how your place is doing while you are away?
Has it ever crossed your mind that you will come back home to Yuma from your summer stay only to find that a windstorm blew over your shed exposing all of its contents to theft or weather.
Is your fence ok or has someone demolished it with their car?
Maybe you'll come home to damage from a broken pipe and a huge water bill because nobody was around to report it.
How about the summer monsoon floods we get each year?
Or God forbid ...a fire!
No.. We can't prevent these things from happening but we can Notify you if they do.
A few years ago we were winter visitors too. When we left for the summer it seemed like all of our neighbors left too. Who was going to call who in case of a mishap?
With our Lot Watch / Notification Service we will randomly drive-by your residence
and look for suspicious activity or potential problems.
At our discretion we will go on the property and do a walk-a-round.We do not go into the residence. This service does not include plant watering or maintenance. It is  intended solely to give you piece of mind knowing someone is watching over your place.
If anything strikes us as odd, out of place or suspicious we will call you immediately so you can take the steps necessary to contact your insurance agency or repair facility.
We charge:
Your Lot with or without a house, mobile home, permanent shed,etc.............
  • My rate is the same as for pet sitting. $16.00 per visit plus mileage outside our 10 mile radius.
  • We will check your lot once a month  or as many visits as you choose, no limit on the amount of visits monthly.  
  • If you are a paid customer, during any month, we will also check your home after a severe storm even if you did'nt have that day paid for.
Example: Suppose you paid for 2 lot watches during the month of July......
Say we checked everything out on July 5th and July 20th...
On the 27th a Huge Storm landed...
We would go by and inspect everything...NO CHARGE.
Payment for this service is due upfront before the service will begin.
Our refund policy: 
If you return home early the first refund. 
IFwe are notified 30 days or more in advance of your return ...all your money will be refunded.
Liability Waver--We are not to be held liable for conditions we do not see or incidents that happen when we are not there.
Our only obligation is to report to you what we do find and do so in a timely manner.
Consider this and give us a call, We can reach a mutual understanding.
Remember there is never a charge for new client consultations.
Make up your mind about us then. Call us now for a consultation and scheduling.
          Thank you
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