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Quarterly Newsletter................................Aug & Sept 2012
  Your Best Friend
Volume 1, Issue 12                                                                          Oct 2012
Inside This Issue
  • Welcome aboard
  • Summer/Winter storm
  • A Precious Life
  • Chicken jerky treats
  • Beware of Greenies!
  • Healthy reminder
  • Recipes for your Dog
Welcome aboard.
I'd like to start this newsletter off with an apology to those of you who actually read it. No excuse, I'm just late getting it out. Welcome back to the Winter visitors and to some "new' clients. We really enjoy our time with your fur kids while you are away no matter what they may be. Recently we had the opportunity to extend our pet sitting experiences by sitting 3 beautiful Goldens and 3 wonderful horses. This was our first time accepting horses into our "extended family" and I'm glad we did. It was a fun experience for us all.
If your pet isn't a dog don't let this stop you from contacting us. Please do, we can discuss the situation and go from there to find a solution.
Bob (my husband) says to mention that "fish in a tank" is charged as one pet and walking Turtles is "by the hour". Sorry.......
Summer/Winter storm.
For those of you who weren't here during the last storm of the summer, boy did you miss out! All of us here experienced power and water outages of over 24 hours. This may seem like a lot to us when back east this goes on for days sometimes. The street in front of our home became a river in a matter of minutes. This may be a good time to warn newcomers to the area to always be aware of the weather in this area. You can actually be "swept" off your feet before you are aware of any danger.
The wind blew down 64 power poles, Trees toppled and sheds,awnings littered the streets along with a roof or two. It was a major deal.
Which all brings me to this, were you prepared? Did you have extra drinking water on hand? Flashlights? As you may know Bob is a propane driver and just asked me to pass on this word to the wise. During a power outage if you also use propane remember to shut off the gas and do not use candles as a light source. Use flashlights. Propane ignites by FIRE. If you were not here did you have someone look after your place? If not, a reminder here to check theMISCELLANEOUS TAB on your left. On that page we have listed our Lot Watch service. Next summer, or sooner, you may want to call and discuss this with us. You can rest at ease knowing we are here on your behalf. Call us, meet us and then make a decision. Please check the miscellaneous tab.
A Precious Life.
The past few months have really zoomed by. It seems the older I get the more I realize this and have come to see once again how precious life is. The friendships we make and the family we have are very special. I was reminded again of this recently when one of our dear clients and friend passed away. She was a very special lady and loved by many. She made a huge impact in the lives of others including her fur kids. Sitting for them recently its very apparent that they miss her greatly.
Bob and I want to once again offer our condolences to her husband, Clair, and her family. She will be missed and they all are in our prayers.
Chicken jerky treats.
Just a reminder to everyone, the chicken jerky teats from China are still on store shelves. People are still buying them and pets are dying! Please read your pets treat labels and play it safe- If it is from China throw it out! These products, and there are many, have been recalled because they are known to kill yet they are still being sold. Why? Because of politics and profits and agreements with China.
Beware of Greenies!
I recently discovered something that really took me off guard. About two months ago I started feeding my dog Reggie one Greenie dental chew every day for his teeth. I followed the directions on the package and always watched him eat it and made sure he was chewing it up properly. I didn't put it together at the time but Reggie started having "off" days where he didn't feel well and he didn't want to eat. He then started to vomit off and on. After about a 3 week period he vomited 4 times and then was also having bouts of constipation. I started to wonder about the Greenies because it was the only thing I had done differently with him. Not wanting to jump to conclusions I decided to email my contacts on my hotmail and I also inquired on Facebook asking people if they feed their pets Greenies and if so what did they like or not like about them. Aside from 3 people every single other response was negative. "They cause intestinal blockage" says one. "They cause digestive problems" says another and comments went on and on. Although a bowl of water is not the same as stomach acids, I tested a Greenie this way, I placed one in the bowl for 3 days and the result was very little breakdown at all. Wouldn't you expect more? In conclusion I just want to say-Your pet may be one of those that can eat these with no problems or they may be one that can't. Please use caution if feeding Greenies. I stopped feeding Reggie Greenies and his appetite is back, his energy is back, he's going to the bathroom regularly and up till now is vomit free. You be the judge. Most people simply don't watch their pets as closely as I do. They feed them anything without any concern. That is why I suggest you check back often to this website for Loving, Caring and accurate information. I'll do the investigating and You be the Judge.
Healthy reminder.
Halloween is on it's way as is Thanksgiving and Christmas. Please Be careful to keep your pets away from toxic foods and plants. Chocolate and Christmas tree needles especially. Lets make this upcoming Holiday Season a happy and safe one.
The following is a short listing of toxic things you need to keep away from your pet: Macadamia nuts, onions, raisins, grapes, coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages, Ivy plants pointseitta's and candles are just a few. The ASPCA has a more complete listing.
Recipes for your Dog.
Alfie & Archie’s Garlic Flavored Dog Biscuits.
Dog Food Recipe Ingredients:Yield: 1 batch
  • 2 1/2 c Flour, whole wheat
  • 1/2 c Powdered milk
  • 1/2 ts Salt
  • 1/2 ts Garlic powder
  • 1 ts Sugar, brown
  • 6 tb Meat drippings or
  • 1 Eggs, beaten
  • 1/2 c Ice water
Dog Food Recipe Directions:Preheat oven to 350. Lightly
oil a cookie sheet. Combine flour, powdered milk, salt, garlic powder and sugar.
Cut in meat drippings until mixture resembles corn meal. Mix in egg. Add enough
water so that mixture forms a ball. Using your fingers, pat out dough onto
cookie sheet to half inch thick. Cut with cookie cutter or knife and remove
scraps. Scraps can be formed again and baked. Bake 25 to 30 minutes. Remove from
tray and cool on rack.
Dog Food Recipes courtesy of
Have a great day and thanks for your trust in us at Cyndi's Dog Sitting.
Bye for now
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