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Your Best Friend
Volume 1, Issue 14                                                            May 2013
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  • Time flys
  • Just a reminder
  • So You must leave your cat
  • Is my pet food safe?
  • Recipes for your Dog
Time flys....
It has occurred to me that I am LONG OVERDUE for an updated newsletter and I apologize to all of you. Time really flys by, especially when you have so many irons in the fire.
This time of the year our schedules are very busy due to out of town Graduations, Weddings, Spring breaks and Summer vacations. Not to mention all of the personal things that get added to the mix...A good example is my Honey Do List. Bob has really been busy here at home. We decided to split the back yard up and add a fence for privacy and security for Reggie and Roxie. Who Is Roxie you may ask...I'll get to that in a minute. Along with the installation of the fence he also redid the skirting around the house to match the fence, laid down 300 paving bricks to remodel the patio, replaced the front door and screen and built an 8x10 wood storage shed. Of course all of this needs to be painted plus attend to our clients pets during the hours that I am working at the bakery. At the end of this month the bakery will do it's normal seasonal closing for a couple of months due to all the slow down and we will all get a partial rest.
Ok who is Roxie? I am happy to announce that we have added a new member to our family. We adopted her from the Humane Society on march 16th. As fate would have it, this is a very special date.  March 16th would have been Reco's 13 th birthday. As you may recall Reco was our German Shepherd who passed in June 2012'. His picture is also on all of our letterheads. "Roxie",nicknamed "Sissy" because she is such a "girly-girl", is a Pom/Chi mix, all of 11 pounds and approximately 2 years old. Sweet as she can be.....
She and Reggie have become buddies in a fairly short time. They are really good for each other and watching them play and interact is a fun time. I can't stress enough to people the joy you can find from adopting a pet from a local shelter or rescue.You gain a lifelong friend and save a life as well plus empty out space in the shelter that another stray can occupy thus possibly saving another life in the process. Please never buy from a pet store. In doing so you are incouraging puppy mill  breeding in many cases.
Just a reminder
Even though we are called Cyndi's Dog Sitting we sit for all kinds of pets, they include dogs,cats,birds,horses etc...Please call if you have a pet other than a dog. We may be able to help your situation.
So You must leave your cat....
How can you tell if your cat suffers from separation anxiety?
They may express their dissatisfaction by going to the bathroom outside of the litter box, spraying urine on your bed or clothes, throwing up, compulsive grooming, scratching the furniture or other objects to name a few. By doing these things your cat is trying to make itself feel better. He is possibly lonely, bored or scared.
Don't get mad at your cat for displaying these behaviors. They don't do it to "get even" or for "revenge", they are not capable of displaying that kind of emotion. So what can you do about it? Get him/her a cat tree that is tall so he can climb and actually see birds and other wildlife outside. Try turning on a radio or a tv tuned to a nature channel or a special dvd to play while you are gone.
Check out the link to your left called Utube.
If your cat likes people and stimulation maybe hire an "in home" pet sitter instead of sending him off to a stressful environment like boarding or kenneling. He will be more comfortable at home doing as he wishes until your safe return.
Is my pet food safe?
There are pet foods being recalled continually, including treats. Even Iver heart (for heart worm-not a food) recalled a batch due to possible instability of one of its ingredients. So what do you do and how do you know your pets food and other things are safe?
Welcome Internet. Get connected-You can Google pet food recalls. Look up Susan Thixtons Website, get on her email newsletter list and she will send you info for free that could possibly save your pets life. Another way... you are reading this on our website so check out the complete website, we publish info all the time that is informative and helpful.
Now days things change daily and what was good yesterday may not be good today. Your pet depends on you to do the research.
Recipes for your Dog
Cookie Bones.
Dog Food Recipe Ingredients:
  • 1 3/4 c Flour
  • 1/2 c Brown sugar
  • Lemon rind
  • 1 Egg yolk
  • 2 tb Toasted wheat germ
  • 1/4 c Sesame seeds
  • 12 tb Butter
  • 1/2 c Ground walnuts
  • 1/2 c Vanilla extract
Dog Food Recipe Directions:
Combine all ingredients, knead until thoroughly blended. Divide dough into 6 parts, roll each part into a log. Freeze. When needed, thaw and roll into 1/2" thick slabs and cut into bone shapes. Bake at 375 F on un-greased cookie sheet for approximately 13 min. Makes 36 servings.
We hope your best friend enjoys this tasty dog food recipe!
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