Cyndi's Dog Sitting - Your pets become our  extended family
Pet Sitting Services
My pet sitting services are primarily provided for small animals such as dogs, cats, birds and fish. However if you view our Slide Show # 1  you will see we also on occasion will sit for horses. We really are flexible. Time per visit with your pet will depend on their needs. (walking turtles is paid "by the hour") The types of service I provide may include the following:
  • 1 to 4 visits per day.
  • I will feed your pet; administer any oral medication (pills) if necessary.
  • I will take him/her out to “potty” if no doggie door is available.
  • I will play with him/her and just “be there” to keep them company.
  • I will clean up any “messes” they leave both inside and outside while I am visiting your home.
  • I will also leave you a “mini doggie diary” (it’s actually just a note) of your pets behavior, how he/she’s doing and how much was eaten.
  • I will check on things around the home front while I am visiting.
  • I will also bring in the mail / newspaper If needed.    
  • I will change the lighting (PM) per your instructions.
  • I will adjust your window shades if desired.
  • I will make sure there is a supply of fresh water.  
  • I will change and clean the litter box.
I have found that in-your-home pet sitting is best for your pets. It helps them maintain a normal routine in your absence by staying amidst familiar sights, sounds and smells. By allowing your pets to eat from their own bowls, sleep in their own beds and basically enjoy the comforts of home, you will find that you can more often than not, return home to happy and contented pets.

My home sitting services are performed routinely with all of my pet sitting visits.
Thank you
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