Cyndi's Dog Sitting - Your pets become our  extended family
How Much We Charge
My rates are intentionally kept competitive within my service area and below the national average. They vary as a function of the service I provide as detailed below.
(Up to 2 pets)
NEW CLIENT CONSULTATION----- 30-45 minute visit -----No charge. Required before any regular visits begin.
Visits include feeding, potty break, playtime and lots of hugs and kisses!
Also included is plant watering, mail retrieval, alternating lights, etc.
          Single  visit --  $20.00 / $16.00 more than 1 visit
          Double  visit -  $30.00   -$2.00 off
          Triple  visit --- $44.00   -$4.00 off
          Four  visits --   $58.00   -$6.00 off
EXTENDED VISITS---(45-50 minutes).
Good for puppies to get that extra energy out and also recommended for  
more than three pets.
          Single visit-----   $27.00 
          Double visit----    $50.00    -$4.00 off
          Triple visit-----    $75.00    -$6.00 off
          Four visits-----    $100.00  -$8.00 off
Third or Fourth pets add $5.00 each pet per visit.
HOLIDAY FEE---$10.00 / DAY.--The holiday fee is per day, not per visit and is in addition to the regular visit rates.
          New Years Eve
          New Years Day
          Memorial Day.
          July 4th
          Labor Day
          Thanksgiving Day
          Christmas Eve
          Christmas Day
Of course, lots of lovin' and affection are included  free!
Outside the Foothills area?
$16.00 per regular visit is based on a 10 mile radius of foothills Boulevard.

An additional charge of $.75 for each additional mile will apply.
I monitor my local competitor's rates and the rates of pet sitters across the nation so that I remain competitive. Occasionally I need to raise my rates as a function of this research or because of recent events in the economy.
My rate is the same as  for pet sitting. $16.00 per visit  plus mileage outside our 10 mile radius.
Also of importance:
No employee ofCyndi's Dog Sitting Drinks, Smokes or uses Drugs!! You can rest assured with us in your home as your Guests.
Remember there is never a charge for new client consultations. Make up your mind about us then. Call us now for your consultation and scheduling of your visit.                     
                              Thank you
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