Cyndi's Dog Sitting - Your pets become our  extended family
Our Service Location
Cyndi's Dog Sitting is located in and services the Greater Foothills and surrounding area. (radius of 10 miles from Foothills Boulevard).
I offer services outside of this area, please understand however, the current fuel cost and time restraints have required an extra charge of $0.75 per mile to my rates.  (this charge is one way).
Check back frequently, I try to adjust my rates accordingly with the local economy.I have to restrict my travel distance to under 25 miles and my travel time to less than 35 minutes one way.

As this industry grows, so does my competition, so it no longer makes sense for me to try to service everyone in this region. Attempting to do so, would limit the amount of growth I could achieve, as well as the time I could spend with your pets.
Thank you,
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