Cyndi's Dog Sitting - Your pets become our  extended family
What is the first step?
Contact us by phone, email or the contact us page to your left. We will schedule a "meet & greet" with you and your pets. During this meeting, we will discuss your pets and their routines and habits, as well as any special needs they may have. There will be a small amount of paper work to complete. Information about your pet, its needs,where supplies are located, your question answered as well as our liability contract.
A folder will be provided for you to keep all of your important records in. It will look like this:
At this meeting, you will provide me with a copy of your house keys.
Cyndi's Dog Sittingwill have the only copies of your keys and I will keep the keys in a secure Locked Safety Box for future visits.
Clients can choose to have their keys returned to them at the end of the scheduled service if they choose. However please keep in mind that when you choose to use us again, there will be a cost involved in obtaining the key again before the next scheduled visit can begin.
All of your questions will be answered to your complete satisfaction.
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